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Kindness in the Workplace

Kindness | Digital Marketing

You’ve probably heard us say it before, but at Michigan Creative, we believe everyone we meet should have a better day. It’s one of our core values, and it can be boiled down into two words: be kind. Kindness in the workplace is crucial to maintaining a respectful, fun, and safe environment. Here’s why:

Kindness Creates Leaders

Leadership is another one of our core values here at MC. More specifically, we say that a great leader makes everyone better than they already are. How can they do that? By a kind act such as giving a coworker positive feedback on a job well done, you not only make their day better, you make them better. Talk about two core values in one!

Kindness Builds Trust Between Teammates

Whether you have 2 or 2,000 employees, everyone is a part of the team. The quality of your work depends on everyone’s ability to cooperate and compromise. Go above and beyond for one another when needed. None of this can happen without camaraderie, which can’t be formed without, you guessed it, kindness. 

Kindness Boosts Productivity

According to research from the Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada, kind and respectful teams had 26% more energy and were 30% more likely to feel motivated and enthusiastic about learning new skills. Thank a coworker for their extra help, or compliment their new shoes! You and the recipient will feel good afterward and gain extra motivation to keep pushing on. 

You Never Know What Someone Is Going Through

We’re all human and dealing with our own struggles inside and outside the workplace. This is why it’s as necessary as it has ever been to be there for others, even before they ask. Bring them an unexpected morning cup of coffee. Ask them how their week has been. Show them grace when they make a mistake. Life isn’t always easy, but we can all do our part to make it a little easier. 

Not sure where to start? Here are some simple ways to show kindness at the office:

  • Ask what you can do for a coworker to make their schedule lighter. 
  • Smile and say hi to someone you don’t talk to very often
  • Recognize good work that a coworker has done
  • Send encouraging emails throughout the week
  • Genuinely listen to what others have to say

Did you try any of these? How did you feel afterward? Let us know! We’d love to hear about it. Email us, or better still, tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn! #MCactofkindness #MCkind 

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