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A Marketing Agency That Listens

More Than Marketing

For companies that work in the communications industry, there are a lot of marketing agencies that avoid having necessary conversations with their clients. They use cookie-cutter marketing strategies to “get the job done”, but there is no explanation of the process behind the methods they implement. This process is where Michigan Creative differs strongly from other marketing agencies. Consider us as rebels in our field. We know. This statement is a bit cliché, but it’s not the rules we’re breaking that make us stand out. We’re a company founded on one very basic principle that many forget. We’re a marketing agency that listens.

We Hold Space For Your Input

So, we say we communicate, but that doesn’t necessarily cover all of it. With every client, we seek to over-communicate to ensure the solutions we find are best fitted to your needs. The only way for you to feel like your new branding, website, or social presence matches who you are is by sharing with us everything that makes your company unique. We want all the details. The original idea that kicked off this company, the principles your business is founded upon, and simply put: what you like and what you don’t.

We dedicate ourselves to helping others. It’s part of our Manifesto and in our core values. You can’t be a leader without that kind of drive. Whatever you need, we want to hear you out and find the proper solution for you and your company.

We Problem Solve

One of our favorite things to do is find solutions. Creativity is really about finding an answer to a problem, whether it’s finding a way to express an incommunicable feeling or exploring the endless uses of duct tape. We are a knowledgeable team who are experts in our industry, and that allows us to utilize our experience to help our clients solve the problems they are facing. We know the industry, and we’ve learned your likes and dislikes. Are you receiving the ROI you deserve on social ads? Is your website keeping pace with new competitors? Our Web Design services will give it a revamp with a new look, functionality, and SEO.

We Bring Results

Because we listen, we provide the solutions that satisfy your current marketing needs. What does this mean to us? That you’re happy with the look of your designs, the sound of your brand voice, and most importantly, the results. Your goal is to grow your audience. Our job is to make sure it happens and to track the new results. With our proven MC Greenprint strategy, our clients can expect to see the solutions they need and the return on investment they’re looking to receive.

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