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    How To Create an Effective Advertising Strategy

    Evan Bryan

    Creating a digital advertising campaign is actually quite easy when you don’t have much of a strategy. However, creating an effective digital advertising strategy that converts to an ROI is not as easy as it may seem. One thing that will help generate leads is to implement cross-channel marketing and remarketing into your digital advertising campaign strategy.

    Building Advertising Campaigns

    Ever searched through Google only to later find the same product or service you interacted with on a Facebook ad? Ever wonder how Facebook knew you were searching for that said product or service? That product or service is likely utilizing cross-channel marketing or an ad funnel built for a specific target audience, a.k.a. you. This can be set up into three separate campaigns or audiences to ensure you are reaching the desired demographic.

    Awareness Stage

    When setting up a digital advertising campaign you want to ensure that you include your awareness portion. This is the cold audience that isn’t familiar with your brand, so you’ll want to make a good impression. For this audience, you’ll want to target interests similar to the product, along with demographics and geographics. For example, if you have a store that sells kitchen appliances, you’ll want to target an audience with similar interests such as toasters, microwaves, or ovens. This will further narrow your audience to people that will likely have an interest in your products or services. You’ll want the content to be engaging and spark the interest of who you’re targeting. 

    Consideration Stage

    The next phase in your marketing funnel is your consideration phase. You have a warm audience that knows your company but may want to know more before making the final decision. Within this audience, you’ll want to target people that have expressed interest in your product or service. When you retarget, it is beneficial to target the people who have visited your website. Visitors who have interacted with your site within the last 30 days will most likely be your most engaged audience to target within your funnel. One other thing that you can easily target is anyone who has engaged with your Facebook and Instagram page or ads within the same timeframe.

    Conversion Stage

    The conversion audience is the last part of the funnel where you spark the interest of your audience with an offer that the buyer can’t resist. This can be something as simple as a free shipping code or a small promotion of some sort. More times than not, when you provide a money-off offer rather than a given percentage, most people tend to go after the monetary discount compared to a percentage discount. When you target properly and have your audiences built you will be providing a smooth path for the buyer’s journey and convert more than competitors that aren’t implementing a strategy that retargets and captures leads. A bonus you can add is a post-conversion audience where you can expand to cross-selling and upselling by remarketing to your audience that has converted for another product or service being sold that goes hand in hand with what you originally offered.

    Creating an effective digital advertising strategy takes time, knowledge, and planning. Having difficulty creating an effective strategy or aren’t sure where to go from here? Reach out to us. To stay up to date with the latest tips and tricks, subscribe to our monthly newsletter, The Creative!