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If you’ve thought about a personal brand but haven’t started, now’s the time to do it

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 Previously on our blog, we talked about rebranding and how beneficial it can be to improving the success of your business. A lot of what we can do for you at Michigan Creative revolves around determining a healthy, solid brand for your business first. But what if you don’t have a brand to reevaluate? Now’s your chance to start creating one, and lucky for you, we would love to help you start developing your personal brand.

In today’s business-day and age, we know that each and every business needs a brand to remain consistent in everything they do, sell product, be successful, and essentially, survive. But, how aware are we that individual people need brands too? It’s so important to define your own personal brand as a working, professional adult whether it matches your business, or defines you in an entirely new light.

Make yourself stand out

Defining your own brand isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Across your social media and your online presence, your brand has to remain consistent, yet relevant. How is that possible? From color scheme to designs to fonts to aesthetic and everything in between, every little detail has to be thought of. Your audience is much more likely to buy into a business that has consistent, thought-out branding than one with random, frazzled posts. With that being said, developing a brand doesn’t have to be as difficult as it might seem.

It’s so important to make sure that your brand matches what you’re trying to portray about yourself to the world, and ultimately what you’re trying to sell about yourself. Think about some of the biggest brands in the world right now. Take Coca-Cola for example. It’s branding, while seeing some subtle changes over the years, has ultimately remained constant. You know it when you see it, and there’s no mistaking a Coca-Cola’s red, loopy logo and bright red cans. Developing a brand can give you a leg up on other brands in the same market. A clean, consistent brand can make you stand out from the crowd and bring in more consumers, and eventually make your business as strong as Coca-Cola (that’s the goal, at least). 

Stay genuine, true, and be confident

While it’s important to sell yourself in a convincing light, it’s even more so to remain true to yourself. Your followers, who ultimately turn into your customers, can see right through any b.s. you might try and sell. Staying true to yourself allows you to find the space you’re most comfortable in, and that’s what you should put forth into the world. Find the platform you’re most comfortable with, whether that be Instagram, Facebook, a blog, or any other medium, and run with it. It’s refreshing for consumers to be immersed in a brand that is confident, true, and genuine, and not just trying to push and sell product without a solid brand or reason behind it.

Even if you’re not branding in terms of business, it’s beneficial to have a personal brand that aligns with it. The most successful accounts on any platform are confident, true, and genuine, just like any business brand. Consistent content, a beautiful aesthetic along with genuine posts are all beneficial to creating a successful brand across any platform. Your own personal brand might align with your business brand, but it doesn’t have to. That depends on you – do you want to match and be consistent with your business? Or do you have something different to portray about yourself? Whether or not your brands align, it’s important that they supplement each other. That’s part of remaining true and consistent. If your personal brand is entirely different than your business, it might come across as contradictory to your audience.

Start your brand now

Developing a brand might seem completely overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. It doesn’t happen overnight, and you have to be consistent to be successful in developing something great. If nothing else, remember to stay true, genuine, and confident in yourself and the content you’re creating. Start small, and take each bit at a time. Developing an aesthetic and consistent posting takes time. Take our advice, and get started on creating a killer, successful brand for yourself and your business.