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Writing isn’t dead, and you should be doing it

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Lately, social media is all about photos, video, and reaching your followers and consumers with relatable, visually aesthetic content. Just by that description, writing doesn’t often fit the bill. But why is that? It’s been thought that writing and creating content to be read is becoming less and less popular – dying, even.

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard that “newspapers are dead,” which means writing is dead, right? That is definitely not the case. Writing is so not dead. In fact, it’s alive and well.

Writing can be an amazing creative outlet, no matter your clientele, no matter what your business does. Constructing your words in your voice is another way to show your prospective and future clients what you can do for them – creatively and for their own content.

Writing and creating your own great content is just another way to utilize your own skills to attract more interest and ultimately, bring in more business. While it’s important to choose the platforms you utilize to do that wisely, creating a blog or a content section to show off your own skills can directly impact how much interest your future clients show in your services. Crappy writing, or no writing at all, doesn’t reflect well on your business.

Create good content and use your personal voice

Creating content and writing, along with staying on top of your social media platforms, shows that your business is well-rounded and can do anything prospective clients might be looking for. It’s important to show off your skills, all of them, in the best light. Including your writing emphasizes your personal voice. That will speak to any future or interested clients on a more personal, relatable level.

While you might not include fun content on your other social media platforms, a blog of your own is the perfect space to show that you can be lighter than all business. Giving your business a more personal voice shows that you’re real and can produce relatable content, too. It’s important to show off and be a little stuffy with business-related content sometimes, but it’s also important to let loose and show that your business can be a lot of work, but also a some play.

What if you don’t have a content creator? We can help.

Use your writing to show off your voice. If you don’t think that you’ve got the skills to be able to create content for your clients, we can help you do just that. In fact, we’d love to. At Michigan Creative, we try our best to create content that is relatable, relevant, and appealing to any business. We’re passionate about creating our best content in our photos, videos, graphics, and we love our writing, too. We can help you create your own amazing content of any form, and we want to.

It’s so important to continue to promote yourself in the way you want your clients to see you. Your writing can have a huge part in that. Emphasize your voice with your content, and keep writing alive because writing is and can be aesthetic.