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How To Thank Your Clients: Tips Learned from The Witcher’s 10th Anniversary Trailer

Dev MC
How To Thank Your Clients

This month, The Witcher’s first game turns 10 years old. In this milestone, many video game industries would put out a video that would include a montage of the game that shows from where they were to where they have grown today. However, CD Projekt RED took it a step further.

On September 3rd, a video came out that brought some fans literally to tears–in a wonderful way. It stars Geralt of Rivia (the protagonist) speaking with an unknown character about what has been happening since The Witcher 3. He speaks as if he is reading a letter to a close friend, narrating about his adventures, about his close friends and what they have been doing lately. As he is narrating, Ciri enters Geralt’s home where they are all celebrating within, and eventually finds him and gives him a giant hug. It’s a friendly embrace, and after letting go, he does something that is probably the most powerful part of this video.

He turns to look at the camera, and the viewer realizes that the old friend he is narrating to is you.

You’re the one who has been with Geralt through it all. You’re the one who’s helped him through all his struggles. You’re the one who’s been on adventures with him, Ciri, Yennifer, and many others. In his own words, “you know [him] better than anyone else does.” You are his best friend, the player.

That personalization is powerful. It’s bringing the player of these games directly into the game with him. As if we really have been fighting with him. As if we’ve been helping him when ills tore at him. As if we have grown with him. This breaking of the fourth wall has fans feeling emotional for that familiarity.

As if that wasn’t enough, in the end, Geralt acknowledges that though it’s his birthday, the one he should be thanking is you. The cast of characters within Geralt’s home then come together and look at you, smiling and thanking you for being there with them through it all, accepting you as family. Geralt then raises a glass in a toast to you, and asks how you have been doing lately.

Going about it this way not only shows our favorite characters thanking us for all we’ve done, but it’s also a note from the developers of the game as well. They know that they could never have made these three very successful games without the help of the fans who stayed loyal to them throughout the years. They wanted to do something special for the fanbase, so they took that extra step and really made fans feel like they were appreciated and valued. That every dollar spent on those games was worth it. That is something that was achieved through this trailer, and many fans are excited to be a part of The Witcher community because of it. They feel valued and wanted, which keeps them coming back for more.

What can we learn as a business from this brilliant storytelling? Stay transparent. The reason why you as a business are successful is not only because of the amazing team you have at your back, but also because of the people who come through your doors. They help pay your bills. They help keep your business running. Remembering that and letting them know you care can help them wish to continue coming back. So thank your clients and customers from time-to-time for being with your company through the years. Thank them for following or subscribing to your channel on YouTube. Celebrate milestones. Let them know you appreciate them and acknowledge you wouldn’t be here without them. It may not cause a tear-jerker reaction like this trailer did for many fans, but it will bring back a level of appreciation that many customers will gladly return to–or spread the word about–for years to come.

Personalization is everything. Thank the people who have brought you here and who continue to help you grow. Acknowledge that you wouldn’t be anywhere without the support from everyone involved. Thank the people who work for you as well, because you wouldn’t be anywhere without them, either. Speak out and let them know you care.


Want to see the video? Check it out here.

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