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    How To Make Your Social Media Posts Visually Engaging

    Michigan Creative

    Facebook is at again, some of you may have noticed that your news feed looks a little different.  In the latest round of updates, Facebook decided to focus on visuals.  Pictures are now the most prominent part of a post and the text playsa supporting role.  This got me thinking, we always list pictures as one of the key components of a good post but why? Also, not all pictures are created equal; some work better than others.  What criteria should be taken into account when selecting a picture to post? Below I attempt to begin to answer these questions.

    The Michigan Creative team doing what they do best, having fun!First, why should you include a picture? Most social media platforms have one element in common, they focus on the visuals.  The adage “a picture speaks a thousand words” is useful to keep in mind when crafting your next social media strategy.  A beautiful picture catches the eye of the audience and will break up the sea of text on the screen. For a moment a user will stop scrolling through the list of posts and focus on your picture and your caption.

    Second, when choosing photos for your social media site remember these simple rules, based on a study from Capulet Communications summarized by Kelvin Claveria:

    Appeal to Emotions: Try to pick a photo that evokes an emotion, whether it is happy or sad, aim to make your audience feel.
    Be Interesting: Would you talk about the events in the picture with your friends? Not everything is going to be interesting to everyone. However, if you find your post interesting chances are someone else will too.
    Consider Adding a Simple Message to Your Photo: This is your caption, what is going on the picture? See more about this below.
    Share Timely Photos: Sure an adorable animal will always garner engagement but will it get your message across? Try and find a picture that is relevant to what is currently going on with you or your organization.
    Think About the Types of Photos You ‘Like’: If you wouldn’t be inclined to like or share the picture, then it isn’t worth posting. Keep looking!

    Finally, pictures capture a moment in time but do not forget the caption.  A caption is there to tell the rest of the story.  Let people know who is in the picture or what was happening when the picture was taken.  If you are trying to get people to act, give tips on what steps to take first.  Also, remember the hashtags! Whether you are on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., hashtags make it possible for users to search posts.

    I hope these tips help guide you during the photo selection process!

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