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Why does YOUR business need video?

Michigan Creative

A lot of people think that their business is doing just fine without videos, but have you ever thought about how much better your business might be doing if you did have video?

It’s been shown that people actually spend more time on a website or a page if it has a video. A lot of people prefer to watch a video rather than read a whole bunch of text, which is good news for your business! Why? Because you can fit a lot of information into a short video, meaning that you can get more information across to your potential customers in less time. So what does this mean? A lot of clients want to see video!

As you may know, we recently launched our new brand here at Michigan Creative. What was one of the first things we released to promote it? A new promo video! Video allowed us to get our new brand out their by showing who we are and what we can do, in a more entertaining way than simply writing about it on our website.

In addition to making your website more engaging, videos can be used for a lot of other things related to you business. Got a big presentation coming up? Want to reach out to potential clients? Show your video to that room full of people and show them what you’re all about, post it on Facebook and Twitter, email it, etc. Video helps you grow your reach.

To sum all of this up, video is important for your business! Whether you own a small start-up or a national company, video can help you take it to the next level.


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