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    The Power of Video

    Michigan Creative

    Here at Michigan Creative, we like to send each other cool, funny, motivational, crazy, etc., videos, just for fun. A lot of times I end up posting them on the Michigan Creative Video Facebook page, but some of them are just so cool that I wanted to blog about them. I think that it’s so important for everyone to understand the power that video really has, and just how much you can do with it, whether it’s to help your business or just for yourself.

    There was one video a few weeks ago that Brian sent to us and he said, “If this doesn’t show you the power of video…” The whole video was just 10 minutes of awesome. It really shows just how much video can capture and how much of an impact you can make with video.

    (Best of Web 4 – HD – Zapatou)

    We’ve also been on a bit of an inspirational kick lately… Brian and Melissa have been sending out “Motivational Monday” emails, posting cool quotes and things around the office, and we’ve been wanting to make videos of our own business and our city of Lansing. Ian sent us one video that was overall just very powerful with a great message.

    (IF ONLY FOR A SECOND // Mimi Foundation // EN)

    And then I found this video of Valencia, Spain, the incredible city that I had the privilege of calling home this past summer.
    (Valencia – Love It)

    These kinds of inspirational and motivational videos are great to watch, but can also be tweaked a little bit to help grow a business or to make people want to come to your city and start their business there.

    Another video along these lines, also found by Ian, really showed how video can help one person share their journeys and experiences with the world.
    (Rick Mereki – Move)

    The last two videos are videos that show not only the power of video itself, but also the power of editing video. Yes, all of these video have had an editing element that make them what they are, but sometimes the editing has more of an impact. First, from Ian (he’s been on a roll lately!), was actually a Facebook user video.
    (Bardakas: Genius of video making)

    Second is a video that Melissa found, that I thought showed the importance on cutting on the action.

    All in all, not only can video show amazing things, but it can also do amazing things. The impact that video can have on us, and the impact that we can make with video, is incredible.


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