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How To Find Inspiration When You Need It the Most

Finding Inspiration

There’s this complex space most creatives eventually find themselves in when working out an idea. It’s easy to get into but usually very challenging to find your way out. It may seem like your flow of creativity has suddenly shut off entirely. We call this a creative block or wall. It’s sort of like the creative Twilight Zone. You sit for minutes, hours, maybe even days in this fog where the only thing circling around your head is how hungry you are and how you can’t get up until you’ve actually made a decent start. As creatives, we are well aware of this space and how to get ourselves out. Here are a few useful techniques on how to find creative inspiration when you need it the most.

Problem, meet solutions.


Do you know how some words can start to sound fake if you repeat them enough times, or the spelling starts to look off when you stare at something for too long? Sometimes inspiration stalls when you’ve tunnel-visioned on an idea for so long that the concept or design doesn’t feel as strong or unique. You’ve become acclimated to your own idea, and sometimes it can feel like you’re stuck in a creative rut. One simple way to bring that creative flow back is exploring what other creatives are making or checking in on older ideas you’ve made in the past that have worked really well. Inspiration can exist anywhere, and as you’re purposefully scrolling through Pinterest, Instagram, or Reddit, you can find text, graphics, and concepts that trigger your interests. We’re not talking about copying other people’s work, but within the things, you find an interesting space where you can tap back into your creative expression. Find colors, designs, or stories you like, and then apply them to your own style and your own experiences


Another source of inspiration can be the people you surround yourself with. Your friends, family, and coworkers all have things to contribute. Different perspectives that, upon sharing, resonate within you can stir new ideas and give you an idea of unique directions you may want to take on your project. Whether it’s a creative piece or finding the right solution to a particular problem, collaborating with others, even momentarily, can be the fuel you need to get to that creative destination. At Michigan Creative, we offer FCMO services to help create and offer insight into your brand. A collaboration like this allows multiple perspectives to come together and work towards a common goal: growing your business!

Change of Scenery

Sometimes all you need is a breath of fresh air and a quick change in scenery. We can dig ourselves deeper into the rut if we’re forcing ourselves to think through the project when we don’t have an answer yet. Many people find they do their deepest thinking when walking. It allows you to perform an easy task while spinning the ideas in your head and increasing your likelihood of running into something or someone that holds the solution. Even nature can be a source of inspiration. If your desk is in an inspirational drought, it might be time to allow your brain a little time to wander while it absorbs the beneficial colors and activity of the outdoors. We’ve got you covered on where to go!

You don’t have to force yourself to always come up with effective solutions out of thin air! That’s what your team is for, and if all else fails, that’s also why Michigan Creative is here. We love to help collaborate, create, and inspire. Need more tips and tricks on creativity and digital marketing? Subscribe to our newsletter, The Creative. It’s a good way to get inspired too!