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Creatives That Work To Inspire Others

Michigan Creative Core Values That Inspire

If you are reading this article, you already know we are a creative team, but our team is way more than just creative. While we are a very innovative bunch, one thing that separates us from other creatives is, we have a unique way of doing things. I know you’re probably thinking, everyone does, but hear me out. We’re not just a team of creatives. We are creatives that work to inspire others. Yes, we live to create, but we also know that every problem has a solution, and we are out to help you find it. 

The Process

Both our team and CEO have a way of asking you the right questions that entice you to look at your business in a new light. We help you find what you have been missing and put the pieces of the puzzle together, whether it’s with finding your messaging, an MC Greenprint or our FCMO consulting. We proactively work with our clients. Our team takes the time to put in the research, create a plan and execute every well-thought-out step. After all, a plan without execution is just a dream.

The Impact

Once we’ve asked you all the questions and have completed the research behind a project or business, we then look at the value that creative brings to others. When we create a brand, logowebsitepress release, email campaign, advertisement, and even a social media post, our goal is to make an everlasting impact on an audience, making that brand memorable. We don’t just live to create. Our team creates work that inspires others.

The Result

When we get the chance to partner with another business to create something, we also get the opportunity to build relationships, solve problems, and leave the client with a valuable, cohesive creative at the end. Most importantly, we know we’ve helped make something happen that no other agency can do- we’ve opened your eyes to look at your business in a new way! We helped you find your finally.

The MC team takes pride in the work that we create because we know that it can have an impact and bring in results. We’re creative enough to adapt to different industries and data-driven to bring the ROI. We’re creatives that work to inspire others. If you need a little monthly creative inspiration or some of the latest tips and trends in business and marketing, subscribe to our newsletter, The Creative. We promise it will not disappoint.