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Finally Finding What is Right For Me

Michigan Creative

I recently started my summer by working as a Graphic Design Intern at Michigan Creative. I remember starting at Olivet College and had no idea what I actually wanted to do for the rest of my life. That really seems like the hardest thing to figure out while growing up. I changed my major a couple times and ended up trying Visual Arts Commercial Design. I realized that I was hooked on the freedom and creativity that I could have. The highlight of my day was my Graphic Design  classes, so I knew I wanted to be a Graphic Designer.

I ended up spending  a lot of time at home this school year in Lansing, Michigan.  I have known Brian Town my whole life, but it has been a few years since I have had time to catch up with him. It was at my brothers basketball game where I ran into him and we started talking. I told him I was going to school for Graphic Design and he gave me his business card for Michigan Creative. I immediately got on the website and started looking into the Marketing Company. I was instantly hooked. They are the Marketing Company for other companies so they offer web, video, print, and branding. I think this is so perfect because I have only done a little web and more of print and branding. I want to learn all I can about video and everything else while I have this chance to be at Michigan Creative.  I asked him if he was looking for Interns this summer and then the rest is still in the making. I have never felt so comfortable and at ease in my life.

My first day I walked into the office and thought to myself “this is where I could spend my long hours and work and be happy” I felt so at peace and happy that everything was finally working out and I found what I wanted to do… and was actually good at it.

The staff is amazing, the office is so cool (even has a slide), and it is in lansing (which is awesome). It is a positive and friendly place that draws me back in every day I am here. I honestly feel so lucky to have this opportunity this summer before I begin my senior year of college.

Well I officially posted my first blog, yay!

-Taylor Guarnaccia