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Babies, amazing staff, Traction, hospital food and the future.

Michigan Creative

Babies, amazing staff, Traction, hospital food and the future.

Now that is an impressive title…

Twenty one years ago I welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world. Ashley Town, now going into to her senior year at GVSU has a little sister. Kora Lynn Town was welcomed to the Town family on June 4th, 2014! Quite the stretch. 

Now you know why I have a grey patch in my beard.

After I left teaching three years ago, I was concerned about not having the summers off. Or if I could take as much time off as I needed to help Hollie and make sure the girls at home had everything they needed. I am no longer concerned. 

One of my favorite quotes is, “A good leader makes everyone around him or her better than they are.” I have always believed that a great company is formed by the amazing people within it. I am reminded of that everyday here at Michigan Creative. I was able to manage the company from my phone, lying on a chair that was called a “fold out bed” on the third floor of sparrow.

I said manage, I really mean just looking at things that my staff are taking care of and following up on. 

Lot’s of time in the hospital to think, read, and play this really sweet alien game on my ipad. This was the first child that we all had smart phones. So essential we all had video and photo cameras with us at all times that we could share images from to the world in seconds. I must have taken 600 photos and 20 videos in those 7 days. I got a notice from my cloud storage that I needed to upgrade…yes big big problems…

So think 10 years ago when my youngest son Jack was born. I think I had a flip phone. Pictures on those were not very good. No video on them. I had an mini dv camcorder I think and a digital camera that was around 2mp. I went through my iphoto to see what pictures I had of Jack….well sorry buddy, but I have about 100 of you for the first year of your life….Kora had that in the first day…..

It is not that he was any less cute, he was super cute…it is just the sign of the times. The HD cam is in my pocket all the time.

Ashley, Nathan…I am not going to count, don’t want you getting mad. 

So what will Kora be using when she is 21? Will there be a device like our phones? Computers? Will she look at the quality of the pictures and video I have and laugh and say, “those look so old?” Will they look like Civil War pictures to her? 21 years in technology is a life time! I am thinking it will be part of our bodies somehow. 3d, 4d, Holograms.

Also while trapped in our little room I was able to finish the book Traction. Thanks to the guys at Kincaid Henry Melissa and I are putting the Traction process into place next Monday. Ryan Henry uses it for his company and was adamant about how it made all the difference in the world. We both felt that we needed something to continue our growth, make it manageable, and continue our growth in a measurable and sustainable way. I can’t wait to start. I love this company and the people in it, and I only want great things for them.

Lastly…hospital food. I don’t know what you have heard, but it is amazing! Sparrow has a sandwich bar. Say no more. Now I need to workout and lose the 10lbs I put on.

Until then,