Michigan Creative Fabricated An Offbeat And Distinctive Website For an Equally Unique Brand That Was Failing to Hit The Mark.


What if I told you that your boating adventures could be more fun and more safe? Read about this ingenious product we helped rebrand to learn how..


OceaPoly has a clear goal: to shield your boat (and other marine structures) from the constant battering of water, rocks, and wear and tear. Their secret weapon is a revolutionary polyethylene coating that bonds to common materials like steel, fiberglass, and wood. This coating offers long-term protection not just for boats but also for food manufacturing equipment – and they’re exploring even more potential applications! Despite having such a standout product with the potential to revolutionize multiple industries, OceaPoly’s original website was nowhere near as resilient as its coating. It bombarded visitors with technical jargon, making it difficult for boaters to grasp how OceaPoly could safeguard their beloved vessels. The website failed to capture the thrill of being on the open water and didn’t effectively showcase the product’s protective capabilities beyond the boating world.


We completely revamped OceaPoly’s website with user-friendliness and stunning visuals at the forefront. Eye-catching images showcase the impressive protection OceaPoly offers against abrasion, impact, and corrosion. The website goes beyond boats, highlighting the coating’s diverse applications for various marine vessels, including search and rescue equipment, and even hinting at its potential in other industries. Short, engaging explainer videos break down the science behind the coating, while clear calls to action make it easy for boaters to learn more and explore the possibilities. We even threw in a playful invitation to discover new uses for OceaPoly’s innovative solution.


The revamped website is an essential resource for boaters of all levels. It’s a one-stop shop to learn about OceaPoly’s protective capabilities and discover how it can keep their vessel looking its best and performing at its peak. With a clear message and a user-friendly design, the website is ready to help boaters navigate the waters with confidence.

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