Michigan State University Research Foundation

MSU-Research-Foundation-white 1

Igniting Innovation with Visionary Funding


Facing dwindling funding MSU Research Foundation needed to enhance its digital presence but also communicating its unique value proposition effectively to potential donors and innovators.


Our agency applied key principles of brand design to redefine MSURF’s branding. By developing a cohesive visual identity, we ensured that every interaction with MSURF’s brand reinforced its reputation for innovation and credibility. Strategic use of colors, typography, and imagery across digital platforms helped communicate MSURF’s mission and values, making its work more accessible and engaging to a broader audience.


This brand transformation led to a marked increase in engagement and funding from private sectors. MSURF’s revitalized brand identity resonated deeply with its audience, distinguishing it from competitors and fostering a stronger connection with its community. This not only elevated MSURF’s visibility but also its ability to support and expand university research programs, embodying the power of strategic brand design in driving organizational success.

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