Ingham County Sheriff Department

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Crime Doesn't Stand a Chance - But Don't Take Our Word for It, Swipe Right on Safety


In the quest for public trust, the Ingham County Sheriff Department found itself navigating the tightrope of transparency and connection. In today’s digital age, a badge shines brighter with a little online polish.


Our mission? To give the department’s digital persona a badge of its own. With a strategy that mixed heritage with hashtags, we launched campaigns that celebrated the department’s past and previewed its future—turning their online presence into a beacon of honor and courage.


Our digital facelift turned whispers of bravery into roars of engagement, sparking a surge in community interaction and painting the department in shades of trust. Now, with a digital presence as strong as their commitment, the Ingham County Sheriff Department is not just enforcing laws but winning hearts, one click at a time.