Brought C.F. Burger Creamery's logo into the 21st century, preserving its legacy while attracting a new generation of dairy fans.

Dairy logo

Got Dairy? We would’ve said the other thing, but we can’t…for legal reasons.


C.F. Burger Creamery, a long-standing Detroit-based creamery, needed help becoming a thriving brand with a strong online presence.


We did the research, gave their brand a facelift, created campaigns that would connect with the heart of their business, oh, and we revived your grandma’s favorite recipes and stored them on an updated website.


Growth, increased brand recognition, and a strong brand identity fresh enough to compete with the dairy and dairy-alternative brands of today. We’re looking at you, Oatly.

All of C.F. Burger Creamery social media accounts were created in March of 2021. By December 2022 CF Ads reached the following view: 
  • 10,763,797 views across all platforms
  •  2,272,040 views across Facebook & Instagram
    • 471,362 Facebook Impressions generated
      • 22,847 Facebook Page Engagements
    • 164,510 Instagram Impressions generated
      • 141 Instagram impressions generated/Day


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