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    4 Video Production Tips To Create Quality Content

    Dev MC
    Video Production

    At times, video production can be a pretty complicated process. To some, it can even seem like an unbeatable beast. But it doesn’t have to be, not with the MC video production team anyway. You see, video production takes evolving ideas, planning, problem-solving, and hard work. To help make things a little easier, our video producer put together four video production tips to create quality content and help the planning process. These tips will create a smoother process to enhance your video production and overall quality.

    Plan Ahead

    It is very important to plan out every possible detail before the video shoot. In order to create a constant flow in your production, having a detailed rundown can really save you when shooting on location. No matter how big or small the project is, a written plan is a must for all shoots. Not everything always works out, especially when it comes to video production. Having a plan in place can save both your shoot and you from embarrassment.

    The Back Up Plan

    Always have a backup plan, and then make a backup plan for your backup plan. If something goes drastically wrong, having one or more backup plans may save your production. All video productions cost time and money, so having a backup plan may just save you both. Video production is like a stage performance in the sense that there is a 99% chance that at least one thing will go wrong. If your plan for some reason fails, your backup plan allows you to quickly make adjustments to fix the problem without stopping production altogether.

    The Kiss Method

    In video production classes, you learn a lot about what goes into creating amazing visual content. One of the biggest takeaway from my years of training and education is: Keep It Simple, Stupid! (KISS). In your planning process, “KISS” can elevate your end result astronomically. This method can be effective in helping break everything down and make your production as simple as possible. Sure you can bring every camera, lens, light etc., you have to shoot, but that doesn’t mean you need to use every single thing. In some settings, five lights may be one or two too many. It is your job to figure out what is necessary to achieve the result you are looking for, so don’t over complicate it.


    Don’t be afraid to improvise. When all else fails, improvise. You may be surprised, but some of the most famous scenes in film have come from improvisation. The greatest filmmakers and creatives know that adjusting, adapting, problem-solving, and improvising all work in synergy together to create something truly unique.

    These techniques and tips are pretty important to video production, even more reasoning to use them. With that being said, remember that there are infinite possibilities when it comes to video production. It’s up to you to execute that vision. To learn more about video production or marketing video, subscribe to our monthly newsletter, The Creative.