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Creative Strategy: The MC Method to Problem Solving

Creative Strategy

The backbone of every strategy is based on a creative idea, and most of those creative ideas are fueled by extensive research and detailed insights. But before the research, a more in-depth process takes place, the listening phase. A big part of our creative strategy process relies on listening and problem-solving. Creative strategy is the MC method to problem-solving. What do we mean by this? Let’s break it down a little.

Listen & Learn 

First, we listen and learn what our client’s pain points are, then we move forward with how we can creatively and strategically solve those problems. Most marketing is measurable sales, web traffic, SEO, social media engagement, click-through, and conversion rates are fairly simple to measure. Their performance is easily tracked with analytical data, making it easy to change efforts that may not be working. But, how do you get those results? Through your creative strategy.

MC Greenprint

The purpose of a creative strategy is to implement an intentional approach for business growth, which like most plans, starts with your business needs and goals. For long-term success, it is important to set a stable foundation with a marketing plan like the MC Greenprint. By crafting a detailed marketing plan, you can successfully track and adjust to get you to your overall goal. A marketing plan gives your team direction, keeps them on the same page, and opens up lines of communication you may not have thought possible before. Get creative when designing your marketing plan. Think outside of the box! Not everything will be directly measurable, but a solid creative strategy is evident and can set the tone for messaging, marketing, and brand awareness.


Listening, learning, problem-solving, and the MC Greenprint are all great things to have, but they are meaningless without implementing them properly. As we mentioned before, most marketing is measurable, which is great. But, to get those results, you have to put forth the effort with a little work. Be creative in how you implement your marketing efforts. Go the extra mile and be bold. Implement a message that will stand out to your audience. When you implement a strategy, be creative, measurable, and obtainable to set your business up for success.

The entire reason businesses implement marketing is to obtain results and bring in an ROI. This is what we’ve designed the MC Greenprint to do. We use our creative strategy at MC as a method of problem-solving because it works. To learn more about creative strategy, the MC Greenprint, or to stay up to date with the latest marketing trends and tips, subscribe to our monthly newsletter, The Creative.