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    The Power Of Storytelling In Marketing

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    There’s no system for creativity, no step-by-step instructions etched into stone, and no limit on the ideas you can create. When it comes to advertising and marketing, the power of storytelling is what will support those creative ideas. As a company with creative in its name, Michigan Creative can find the unique story behind your company or products and separate you from the competition.

    Build An Emotional Connection

    All good stories have an emotional connection with the audience interacting with them. The way you express the journey, the parts you include, and the parts you leave out are all part of the story, and they’re all part of marketing. Usually, the story follows a similar framework from business to business, called the buyer’s journey. The main difference builds from you, the company. You function as a guide or mentor to the buyer who runs into or finds you along the way. You know the struggles they’ve dealt with, and you’re wise enough to know a possible solution. If you can build trust and a shared connection with the buyer, they’ll heed your advice and see their story through to the end. Your company needs to stand out. You need to be memorable, moving, and able to explain why the buyer should believe you. Establishing a brand strategy that makes the audience aware that you truly understand their struggles is key. 

    Find The Perfect Timing

    Marketing is a medium for storytelling that is quickly evolving. As a company, you need to know the correct language and the timing of your message; If you’re too late into the buyer’s journey, the message is useless to the buyer. At this point, they’ve already chosen a different solution. If you’re too early, they haven’t realized the problem they need to have solved. Timing is everything which is why your business needs to build a creative marketing strategy, brand personas, and well-rounded campaigns. Michigan Creative works with a marketing strategy called the MC Greenprint to help businesses find the right time and the right way to tell their story. 

    Grab The Attention Of Your Audience

    On occasion, you may be able to grab the attention of buyers who weren’t searching for an answer but were casually aware of the problem. Your business needs to find ways to be where the customer usually is. The hero shouldn’t have to travel far from their original course to discover what their next step should be. It usually finds them, or they stumble upon it, which is a lot like inbound marketing. Your company must operate in the same way. Whether you find your buyers through television, streaming services, social marketing, or blogs, Michigan Creative can help you gain attention through unique and effective messaging. 

    We use the power of storytelling at MC as a method of connecting with your audience. To learn more about the MC creative strategy, the MC Greenprint, or stay up to date with the latest marketing trends and tips, subscribe to our monthly newsletter, The Creative.