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    Why Video Will Help Your Business

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    Incorporating Graphics Into Your Video

    Would you be surprised to know that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet? Although it is not a web search engine like Google or Bing, people are using it in the same way. They want quick access to easily digestible, entertaining, and useful information. Video is becoming the most efficient way to achieve that.

    There are many different ways to utilize video for your business as well as the many benefits that come with them.

    Building the Business/Customer Relationship

    Many times businesses neglect the relationship between business and customer.

    Making videos about your company allows you to showcase the personality and culture behind the business. This will make the visitors feel more comfortable  doing business with you, as they feel like they are connecting with real people.

    Retain Information

    It is much easier to remember what somebody says when they speak to you rather than you reading it. If there is information you want to relay to your visitors, put it in video form.

    Video allows you to pack a lot of information in a short period of time, while being more precise and clear than writing. Your visitors will be much more likely to be engaged and retain the information!

    Engaging and Interactive

    You want your site to be more than just a one stop shop.

    Video grabs attention much better than a paragraph of text. Pushing video content on your site will make it more engaging and interactive for visitors. This will lead to increased time spent on the site viewing your content, as well as repeat visits in the future in search of new content.

    Ways To Use Video For Your Business

    Now that you have learned about some of the benefits of creating video content for you business, there is a variety of different options of video content to try out.

    About Us/Informational

    Similar to what I mentioned above about building those business and customer relationships, putting a face to your company is a really easy and efficient way to utilize video.

    Quick and simple video idas such as About Our Company, Staff Profiles, or What We Do can be great additions to your site that will help the visitors realize that there are real people behind the process, creating a more positive relationship.

    Showcasing a Product or Service

    If you are selling a product or a service, it is never a bad idea to give your customers a detailed look at it.

    You can use video to present esthetically, demonstrate how the product or service works, or even have people review the product to show it in real situations as well as present real opinions with customer testimonials. Consumers will be more likely to trust the product if they have access to detailed information like this.

    Similar to showcasing your products or services, you can make explanation and how-to videos about your products and services, which you find useful. These types of videos show that your company is knowledgeable in the market and willing to help and present useful information to your customers.

    Video Series

    Creating a video series is a great way to keep people coming back for more. Releasing new content weekly will give people a reason to bookmark, subscribe, or remind themselves to return to your site. These videos can be as simple as giving the top 5 tips on a certain topic. All that matters is you are providing this content on a consistent basis.

    Your Turn

    Now that you have learned the benefits and different ways of utilizing video content for your business, grab a camera and try it yourself!

    To help get you started, download a whitepaper now for the Top Five Video Tips!