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What Is Marketing Automation?

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As a business, you’ve probably come across the term ‘marketing automation’ and found yourself wondering the exact meaning. Today we’re going to go beyond the basics of marketing automation and share a few ways to help your business.

 What is marketing automation exactly?

Marketing automation refers to the technology that allows companies to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks, in order to increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster. This technology lends itself to the ability to create processes that remove  manual labor, associated with managing and contacting your leads. Marketing automation software is designed to help you streamline  traditionally manual processes, such as campaign management, lead qualifications, email marketing, and customer segmentation.

Marketing automation is a suite of tools that is used for campaign optimization; such as generating leads, driving sales, and measuring return on investment (ROI). This allows marketing organizations to freely automate their repetitive tasks while focusing on other tasks.

Features explained:

  • Generates leads by identifying anonymous web visitors and capturing them with dynamic form fields, then nurture those leads with personalized content.
  • Drives sales through leads, based on engagement and sales-readiness, a visible timeline of your lead’s activity within your website.
  • ROI measurement through deals won and deals lost, detailed email analytics.

Marketing automation allows you to speak individually with your potential customers, instead of reaching for an entire demographic who may not be interested.

How it will help your Business:

Marketing automation allows you to:

  • generate more leads
    • one of the best solutions to the puzzle of lead generation by allowing collaboration between sales and marketing
    • email drip campaigns are used to segment prospects based on demographic and behavioral data, channels, positioning within the sales funnel, and their industry; which marketers can use to produce targeted autoresponder campaigns.
      • Email is 3x more likely to prompt a purchase compared to social media
    • track every lead that crosses paths with your site and organize them based on potential
    • drip campaigns send your leads to targeted landing pages where they then provide their contact information in exchange for relevant, valuable content
    • A/B testing can uncover which image or headline appeals most to your audience. This personalized data can be pulled from a lead’s profile and inserted into landing pages or emails.
  • maintain consistent interaction
    • plan and schedule content ahead of time to free up time for other work while keeping your sites up to date
    • social media integration
  • see measureable results
    • provides you with detailed information and reports of your campaigns to help optimize your campaign even further
  • target and personalize
    • right content to the right visitors in real time based on their interaction with the website


As a business, making use of marketing automation is a way to increase revenue. The automation allows repetitive tasks to become a thing of the past, while other work maintains front and center. The technology is used to nurture leads and calls for collaboration with a sales department, in order to know when a potential lead is ready to pursue your business.