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Video Is As Relevant To Your Business As Blogging

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Does your business have a blog? Well if it doesn’t, it should. Blogging is a great way to easily create and distribute content to give your business a voice. Blogs are easily sharable and allow you connect with your audience on a more personal level. And we all know how important building that customer-business relationship is.

A blog is just one of the many types of online content your business can produce. If you already have a blog, why not step it up a notch and produce some video as well? Similar to blogging, video will help your business on many different levels.

Increased Searchability using Keywords

While a blog is an excellent opportunity to increase your website’s SEO using keywords focusing on specific searchable phrases, you can use those keywords with video as well. Videos generally rank higher in search than written text pages.

YouTube is also the second largest search engine, so creating a YouTube account for your business and uploading videos on that platform is a good strategy. There is a good chance people will be searching those keywords on YouTube as well as regular search engines.

Build Better Customer Relationships

A blog written internally by your business is a good way for your audience to get a small taste of the personality and mindset of your company. Video gives you the chance to take this to the next level.

Producing videos including your employees communicating to the audience will go a lot further than just having a written voice. Being able to see the people behind the company will make consumers more comfortable working with you.

Video also provides a way for one-on-one communication with your audience. Responding to viewers comments and feedback with comments and more videos will further that positive relationship.

Build Trust As An Industry Leader

Blogging allows you to freely write about many different topics, pulling information from different sources as well as your own. Video gives you the chance to present and show the application of that knowledge.

Creating How-To, instructional, or even educational videos about those topics will present your business as a knowledgeable leader in your industry and further build that trust with your audience.

Creates Opportunities for Sharing Your Business’s Content

Blogs are easily sharable across many platforms, allowing you to spread content all over the place as well as attaching your business’s name to it. Video can be shared just as easily.

If somebody said to you “Hey, I just read this great article, you should read it.”, would you actually go and read the article? Possibly, but I bet if they said “Hey, I just watched this awesome youtube video, you should watch it.”, you would be much more likely to.

Today, video is simply more engaging and generates more interest than written content. With how big social media is becoming for distribution of content, being able to share videos as well as blog posts will give your business that extra boost in spreading your content across multiple channels.

Get Started

Blogging will continue to be a great tool for spreading your business’s voice, knowledge, and ideas. Video is just as effective, if not more, at doing the same thing. Content is king in today’s world and utilizing both blogging and video will help your business in the ways mentioned, as well as many others.

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