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Responsive Websites Are Good For Business

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As of April 2015, 60% of American adults own a smartphone or tablet. The majority of smartphone users of various age groups use their mobile devices to research, shop, or use social networking for personal purposes over the Internet.

It is clear that the modern-day consumer doesn’t rely on a desktop to access the Internet anymore, but why does this matter?

Let It Flow

Think of your business content like water. Your body needs water to survive; valuable, relevant and consistent content will help your business survive.

Water is also convenient. If you put water in a bowl, it will take the form of that bowl because that is what liquids are designed to do. Like water, your content should adapt to how someone chooses to access it.

Consumers should never feel punished for accessing your content in a way they prefer. If your business looks to online commerce in any meaningful way and has a website, this is paramount. Adaption is also the beauty of what is called responsive website design.

All Access

If you access your mobile website on a tablet and it is the exact same layout as on a desktop, that is not responsive. In fact, you probably have to zoom in just to read the words or press the right button.

Responsive website design means your website is responsive to the platform that is accessing it. Whether a computer, smartphone or tablet, your website adjusts to the platform for an optimal viewing experience.

 Cost-Effective vs. Cheap

 Like any business venture, you want to make an investment that pays off. Website design costs time and money, and the cost of gathering resources depends. It can cost a couple hundred to thousands of dollars but it’s about the long term, not the short term.

A mobile website for mobile traffic and a desktop version are two different websites, but a responsive website is a single address that adapts. You don’t have to create and manage two or three different versions of the same thing. The difference in price may be substantial, and the easiness of location is a reason search engines like Google prefer it.

 Google Is Your Friend

 Good friends don’t lie to you and Google, the number one search engine in the world, loves responsive websites. They love it so much that how mobile-friendly your website is effects its search results rank, thanks to a worldwide algorithm.

Google wants to improve searcher experience, and you should too. All signs point to a world where content is king, and how easy it is to access that content is just as much an economical decision as the worth of content itself.

The Future Was Yesterday

If your business looks to online consumption in any meaningful way and your website is not responsive, you’re behind. Adaptability of online content is becoming as essential as water, and its time to catch up or risk fading into the background. Responsive design isn’t the only way, but it is the most favored.

Test My Website's Performance

Make sure to check out our website at www.michigancreative.com on both your computer and smartphone as an example of responsive website design. If you’ve read this article, you’re halfway done already!

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