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What It Means To Be a Michigan Creative

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We are Michigan Creatives. You may have heard us say this or noticed it in one of our campaigns, but what do we mean by this? This statement means so much more than just being a creative who lives in Michigan. In fact, this is so much more than a statement to our team, and it all circles back to our company core values. Our CEO, Brain Town, always says, “A true Michigan Creative aligns with all of our core values.” Most companies state that their team lives up to their core values. We’re here to tell you our team is our core values. Every person on our team is in some way a leader, creative, problem-solver, and most of all, helps others have a better day.


At its root meaning, a good leader makes everyone around them better than themselves. Our team understands not everyone is born to be a leader, but everyone does embody leadership qualities, and that’s where this core value comes into play. We challenge ourselves to tap into our greatest potential and learn about ourselves to figure out how to be the best leaders we can be.

We live to create.

People tend to think that being creative means being artistic, but if you’ve ever met a Michigan Creative, you’ll soon realize there is a big difference between the two. Not that we don’t have artists on our team, we do, and they’re amazing. But, it’s important to know that creativity is not defined by your ability to create but more by the ability to be resourceful, problem-solve, and view a situation from different perspectives.

Every problem has a solution.

We are a team that knows there is a solution to every problem. Now, this doesn’t mean that every person tries to solve every problem by themselves. It means that we work together as a team to be solutions-oriented. We know teamwork makes the dream work, and we utilize our team to help each other out when needed.

Help others have a better day.

This is a core value we hold dear to our hearts here at Michigan Creative. Also, if you’ve ever met one of our team members, then you know this is true. We strive daily to ensure every person we come in contact with has a better day because of it. Part of this comes from our solutions-oriented approach, and part of it comes from our team just being good people.

We may have a diverse team, but everyone on our team has these values instilled in them. And, because we are all so different, each one of us adds a unique perspective to everything we do in our office. That’s why we are the best at what we do. A true Michigan Creative is innovative, a leader, hard-working, kind, resourceful, but above all, a team player.

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