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3 Easy Ways to Integrate Inbound Marketing

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When you first think about marketing and sales, they probably seem like two totally different departments. But really when you break the two departments down, they really work hand in hand with one another. In fact, what if we told you there is a way to make your marketing do the work for your sales team? With inbound marketing, this is completely possible. You might be wondering, what exactly is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing focuses on naturally attracting clients to you instead of you going out to find them. It focuses on inviting and nurturing leads, without intruding on your customer’s day-to-day activities. The key is to get someone to engage with your business by choice. The inbound methodology can seem daunting at first, so our team put together three easy ways to integrate inbound marketing into your overall strategy.

Content Creation 

The inbound marketing tactic to implement is content creation. This means providing relevant, helpful, valuable content to your customers. For any potential customers seeking information, being a resource to your customers can organically point them in the direction of your business. Focus on being a solution to a problem that your customers encounter. Keep in mind that content creation can come in many different forms. For example, things like videos, blogging, quality social media posts, and well-crafted website content are all great ways to attract potential customers to your website.

Case Studies 

Another way you can integrate inbound marketing is by showing off the work you’ve already done for previous clients. Case studies are a great way to show the work you can do for potential clients and that you have happy clients in the end. If you are proud of your work, showcase your company’s skills and expertise while building credibility behind your brand with a well-written case study. Check out some of Michigan Creative’s case studies to see what a difference they can make in telling your clients’ stories.


Finally, consider using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) functions to make sure your business is getting the attention it deserves. With SEO, things like keywords and meta-descriptions matter. SEO allows you to improve the quality and quantity of website visitors. When a customer is doing research, you want to land at the top of the Google search results. Not only does it make it more applicable for customers to click onto your website, but it also builds credibility in the customer’s eyes.

Developing a plan to integrate inbound marketing allows your marketing team to work with or act as your sales team. Your brand has the potential to reach new customers and build credibility daily with these efforts. Not ready to dive into the world of content creation, case studies, and SEO alone? Michigan Creative is here to help you with all your inbound marketing needs. Reach out to chat with us today or subscribe to our monthly newsletter, The Creative, for the latest marketing tips and tricks.