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Web Design Trends to Watch Out For

Michigan Creative

For those of you who work in technology and web design a new year means new design trends. Let’s take a look at a few web design trends that have accumulated a fair amount of buzz already this year.

1) The Need for a Mobile Site

A mobile site is a website intended to work exclusively on a mobile device. Generally mobile sites are viewed on a smart phone and are similar to the desktop. So why do you need a mobile site?

  • Customers carry their smart phones everywhere and use them to make immediate decisions. According to Google, “85 percent of Americans are never more than three feet from their cell phones.”
  • Mobile sites provide quick access for visitors to find information about your business.
  • Simple layouts provide viewers an easier way to view your site. Websites designed for large desktop screens don’t translate well to mobile devices. Having to zoom in and out to find content creates an unnecessary. headache for the viewer. A mobile website eliminates this problem.
  •  Your competition probably has a mobile site.


Ultimately, consider creating multiple sites if you believe your customer will benefit from different content on different devices. At Michigan Creative we design fully responsive sites that will work on both mobile and desktop devices.

2) Flat Design

Although introduced at the tail end of 2013, it seems that Flat Design is still going strong into the new year. This trend involves simplifying graphics and eliminating gradients, and essentially using flat shapes.


3) Endless Scrolling

Infinite scrolling started to emerge on social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook. Instead of navigating through multiple pages, an infinite scrolling website keeps all of its content to one page. It is actually quicker to load one long page than to load many pages.


4) Simple Color Schemes

Using one color as a background gives a site a bright and clean effect. Instead of large graphics of the past, one or two colors may be used to give the site a minimalistic and user-friendly appearance.


5) Fewer Graphic PNGs

A large drop in the number of graphic images used in a site has transpired as browsers update, phones get faster, and design continues to flatten out.


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