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Finding Motivation for Blogging


As you may have noticed, it has been several weeks since I posted last and I apologize for that. A large list of excuses come to my mind…I traveled over 1500 miles for the Christmas holiday. I quit one of my jobs. I went full time at Michigan Creative. I’m still doing personal consulting in my spare time. I’m busy. I’m tired. I’m working too many hours. I like spending time with my husband. I’ve got lots of family stuff going on right now. Netflix has sure been interesting lately.

I’ve used all of these things to make excuses for not writing my blog. I took a step back this week, however, and thought about really why I haven’t been blogging lately. The truth is, I’ve been struggling to find the motivation to blog. I wanted to come up with a list of things we can all do to become motivated to blog to help out both me and you. Here’s what I came up with:

1. Read a book. Sometimes we all just need to do something to take our mind off of work and life and take the time to enjoy reading a book. The type of book can vary, of course, but really just anything to relax to. Read a few pages or a few chapters, and then get back to blogging; you may find that your head has a little more room to think.

2. Read other blogs. This can help you to find current topics, questions people are asking, and the latest and greatest happenings in your industry. It is also is a way to find a blog to write a rebuttal or argument to, if that’s the kind of blogging you are interested in.

3. Scroll through Twitter. You obviously follow people you are interested in. Maybe they write about topics in your industry, it’s your favorite sports team, or it’s some of your friends from college. Either way, this content can help you relax and you never know what will inspire you for your next blog topic.

4. Stick to your blogging schedule. This is a tough one for all of us; we are all busy individuals and who likes routine anyway? But following this tip is an important one. If you fall behind, it’ll be easier for you to say next time ‘well I missed my last deadline, so what’s one more?’. Set a schedule and stick to it for the sake of you and your followers!

5. View blogging as your free time activity. Whether you run a blog for fun or for profit, you should always try to view it as fun. Your readers want to indulge in engaging activity and it’s just plain more exciting if you enjoy what you do too.

I know these tips have motivated me and I hope they have motivated you.

How do you find motivation for blogging?

Until next time,