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    Top 5 Ways to Tweet Your Business to the Top


    Nowadays when social media has been entirely taken to the next level, the Twitter-verse is a blood thirsty arena where small-business and mega corporations battle it out for consumer attention. So how do you level the playing feel to make sure that your business gets a chance and isn’t lost in never ending world of hashtags and twitpics? Here some 5 quick tips to help you get your head in the game!

    1. Tweet With a Purpose: Make everything that you post means something and have a reason to why it was posted. Many times people will tweet or retweet a post, or a link, and it’ll just sit there idly and on the newsfeed. Explain to your followers why you thought this was important.
    2. Interact Back: Interaction is prime on social media platforms, especially Twitter! When you get mentions/interactions from followers make sure you get back to them, and in a timely fashion too! When you respond to your followers, and show you care, you are much more likely to retain them, and when the really important tweets come out, you have a dedicated audience!
    3. Consistently Tweet: Make sure you stay up on you tweeting game and tweet at least every day! It’s suggested that 2-3 tweet per day will help boost you SEO which will help consumers find your product much more easily
    4. Hype up the Headlines! Make your tweets pop! Try to have attention grabbers so your audience always has something new to see. This especially goes for if you want to send the same message, make sure that you make tweet different each time the tweet can catch the attention of different kinds of people.
    5. Keep Tweets Short: Try to keep the length of your tweets to about 120 characters so that your followers have an opportunity to comment back on what you have to say.