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    Small Business Showcase: Hopcat, East Lansing


    This week I would like to feature a new small business in the city of East Lansing, Michigan that seems to be flourishing. Michigan Creative strives to support a creative, local economy and nothing says creative like the newest bar in town, Hopcat.



    According to their description, Hopcat was envisioned, designed, stocked and staffed with one mission in mind: to bring you great beer. Our local East Lansing bar (the original was created in Grand Rapids) currently holds the world record for the most beers on tap (100)! Although Hopcat specializes in local Michigan brews, they also offer a wide variety of regional craft brew and international beer. You can also grab a glass of wine or a cocktail at their full bar if you arn’t feeling in the mood for beer.



    The bar currently holds some major credentials including one of the Top 50 bars in the United States by Draft Magazine, #3 beer bar in the world ranked by Beer Advocate Magazine, #2 beer bar in the United States as told by CraftBeer.com, and RateBeer.com ranked them as the #1 Brewpub in the United States in 2012.



    I recently took a trip to the upcoming bar with some of my girlfriends. I was greeted with a warm smile, and once I told my waitress it was my first time there, we recieved an informational introduction. We were handed a large menu with organized beers that were being featured that week, as well as what beers were “on deck”, and insights into what were the current “favorites”.



    You start with two free shooters of your beer of choice before you take the plunge. I decided to try the mocha flavored beer and the pumpkin beer. Anything after that you can pay $1 to continue taste testing. Personally, it only took me two before I decided on the pumpkin beer (“Pumking” to be exact).



    We also decided to order food off the small menu. I got an order of nachos (bad choice with pumpkin beer, I don’t know what I was thinking) and my friends got a burger, with of course, their famous “cracked” fries. I snagged a few and we all agreed they were delicious! Overall we had a nice Sunday with great company and equally great beer.



    Be sure to check them out. Hopcat offers an exclusive experience, whether you are a beer
    lover or not, I highly recommend checking it out. If the classic old pub feel with cool, local painting decor doesn’t get you inside, then I guarantee the beer selection will!


    Cheers to loving local,