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The MC Greenprint: Strategy Made Easy

MC Greenprint

Have you ever built furniture with directions that don’t quite make sense? Sometimes the instructions are misleading, or the diagram shows pieces you aren’t even sure you have. It can be difficult to create the finished piece. Without clear direction, you might have to tear everything apart to start over again. No one wants a shaky, uneven piece of furniture. The same goes for your marketing efforts. Without a clear plan of action, your efforts will be uncoordinated and lack results.

At Michigan Creative, we know how important it is to coordinate efforts. We believe that your marketing should amplify your sales team. All of your marketing efforts should be bringing you sales and supporting your sales team. Without proper support, the sales team will struggle to understand how to direct their efforts or attract the right leads. It’s important to take a step back and start with the basics: what are your overall goals, and what’s your plan to get there?


When you hire the Michigan Creative team, we won’t launch into a marketing campaign simply because it seems like it should work. We prefer to create a solid plan with well-established goals and a strategy before launching a campaign. By doing this, we can then streamline our efforts and get our clients the results they need. Our process involves taking the time to get to know our clients on a deeper level. We dive into your successes and struggles, current marketing efforts, sales goals, and history. From there, we perform our behind-the-scenes research on your company as well as your competitors. Analyzing potential opportunities and risks is important to understanding the most appropriate marketing tactics for your business.

Our team crafts each MC Greenprint with marketing tactics specific to the client’s industry, goals, and culture. These tactics can vary from client to client but often include strategies for digital advertising, social media, SEO, video, web, inbound marketing or public relations opportunities. In addition to outlining strategies and timelines, the MC Greenprint takes one step further to include a messaging guide with specific taglines, key talking points, and even digital ad concepts. Having a detailed messaging guide gives our creative team the necessary guidelines to launch any of the marketing campaigns outlined in the plan.


Once the plan is solidified, the Michigan Creative team doesn’t just leave you to build that shaky piece of furniture on your own. We work together as a team to implement. The Michigan Creative team can act as your professional builders and execute some or all of the plan for you. Also, because we pride ourselves on being open and honest with our clients, you will receive full communication with our team throughout the entire process.

The MC Greeprint structure provides our team (and yours) with clear guidelines on how each marketing campaign should run and what results to expect. We know how important your marketing efforts are to your overall sales success. But, we want to help your business thrive. Reach out to us to learn more about the MC Greenprint and how the team can help you reach your marketing and sales goals or subscribe to our monthly newsletter, The Creative, to stay up to date with the latest tips and trends in marketing.