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    Setting New Standards in Marketing

    Put a Plan in Place

    Michigan Creative is a full-service marketing agency, but we are so much more than that. We’re a team of creatives that collaborate, listen, problem-solve, and lead by example. We’re the type of team that works to set new standards in marketing. We work with businesses to help them grow, but we lead this charge with our team, core values, and a strategy.

    Focus On Process

    When the pandemic hit, our team at Michigan Creative made a conscious decision to step up our game and use our creative know-how to help the businesses in our community not just survive but thrive. That initiative first started in-house. We spent the better part of three months focusing on who we are and how to keep our team motivated and encouraged. Our team focused on processes and leadership training. We took the time to finally work on Michigan Creative as a business and keep our creative minds working. In return, we are stronger than ever and creating even better work because of it.

    Share the Good

    We hosted daily check-ins with our team at first but decided twice a week on top of many other meetings, which has worked great for our team. We get this time to work together and problem-solve as a team. Our check-ins have really been more beneficial than ever. We also make it a point to share as a team. At every check-in, we ask each team member to share one good thing going on in their lives. It keeps our team up-to-date with what’s going on in each other’s lives.

    Live Your Core Values

    At Michigan Creative, we believe in making our corner of the world just a little bit better. We do this by living out our company core values. You may notice if you look at our core values, they don’t talk about our services. Our core values concentrate on our people and community because that is who we are at Michigan Creative. We’re a team of creatives just working to help businesses grow and solve their problems.

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