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    The Importance of Website Accessibility

    The Importance of Website Accessibility

    A website is one of the biggest assets a business can have. When properly designed, a website can be the best salesperson for your company. Yet, sometimes we see the ADA and WCAG standards get overlooked in the website design process. Today, a website’s ranking on search engines is affected by the lack of an SSL certificate and the future of ADA compliance for websites is following the same trajectory. Website accessibility is important for your business. When websites are designed and coded correctly, people with disabilities can use them. 

    What is ADA Compliance?

    Unless your business is a part of the hospitality, medical, or restaurant industries, you probably don’t come across ADA and WCAG compliance requirements often, if at all. However, that doesn’t mean these standards don’t apply to everyone. ADA compliance standards were revised in 2010 to adapt to the digital world. What does this mean for your website? Every website needs to be accessible to people with disabilities. Now, this doesn’t mean the Department of Justice is going to come knocking on your door. But, there are things in place to avoid lawsuits and lawyers. So, how do you protect yourself? The answer is Accessibe.

    What is Accessibe?

    There are several services out there that can help your website meet ADA and WCAG compliance standards. We chose to use Accessibe because it is hands down the front runner in the accessibility space. Not to mention it is he number one accessibility provider in the world. It’s as easy as installing a plug-in onto your website. Boom, a great alternative that avoids the need to rebuild your website. Complete with a litigation support package, Accessibe provides all the compliance and support that your business needs and allows people with disabilities to navigate your website without restrictions.

    Users can easily turn on or off the different functionalities available in Accessibe.

    How does Accessibe Work?

    Similar to a chat bot or live chat functionality on your website, a button sits in the corner of your webpages for users to click and adjust your website functionality to meet their needs. The photo below shows the options available with dimming flashing lights, opening a screen reader, adapting text and more being as easy as a single click.

    Becoming ADA compliant is as easy as reaching out to us at Michigan Creative. We’d love to help you make sure your website meets the correct standards.

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