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How To Spark Creativity

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For our team, creativity comes somewhat naturally. We enjoy creating and pushing the boundaries with our work. You’ve heard us say it before, but we live to create. This phrase made it into our core values because the work we do feeds our creative outlet, and we value that. We understand that not everyone wakes up creative. We know that our creativity is a unique trait that our team shares. If you’ve never met our team, we’re basically like a big family. We feed each other’s creativity, and we thought why not share it with others? So here’s a little on how our team sparks creativity throughout the day.

Michael Kirk

It helps me to work standing up and move between rooms so I don’t feel stuck in one place. I’ll step outside when I’m losing focus to get some fresh air and help me think. Stepping outside also helps give my eyes a little break from staring at the computer all day. A few strums of the guitar also doesn’t hurt to re-energize between projects!

Annie Serbinski

We have a running joke in the office, and that is way too much coffee. But, for me it’s stepping outside or chatting with someone on our team about the project. It always helps to talk it out a bit.

Sarah Parker

Some things I do to help stay creative throughout the day is to take short breaks. It also helps to browse things I find inspiring (other artists, designs, photography, music, etc.) and to try new things often! Like drying rose petals for this first time?! Random. Yes, I totally agree, but whatever sparks creative joy.

Brian Town

I walk outside to spark creativity. Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and other great thinkers all sparked their creativity by walking to get the brain flowing.

Cassidy Oonk

It’s definitely harder to stay creative or motivated during a pandemic. For me, traveling, concerts, and experiencing new things help me to be more creative. This is when I feel most like myself and inspired! But lately, I like to watch and follow other creatives on social media/YouTube because watching others be creative motivates me to be creative too! Also signing up for free or low price online classes is fun when you can’t think of anything to draw or aren’t feeling creative.

Patrick Rivet

I definitely like to take breaks from projects and start on other ideas. It allows me to step back from whatever I’m working on and come back with a refreshed idea. I often come up with my best ideas when I’m working on multiple projects at once. Something that may not work for one project might spark a really great idea for another project.

Jennifer Putmon

I tend to meditate, pray, immerse myself in a household task (laundry, cleaning, sweeping, etc.), and sketch creative ideas down in my notebook. I also play my guitar and let the instrument tell me what chords flow together, which helps set the vibe for the day. I pay attention and find the collateral beauty in the simplicity of things, like just looking out my window.

John Crafts

I like to start my day off early, before everyone wakes up, which gives me some time to get booted up and get some coffee. I typically work with my fluffy critters sitting on my couch, while some show I am currently binge-watching plays in the background. Whenever I feel blocked or frustrated, I take the fluff monsters outside and enjoy some fresh air while they chase each other around. If I’m really in a jam, doing a household task while mulling over the issue usually helps me problem-solve. I also try to reward myself when I finish a project with a small break away from my computer.

Alicia Frank

I rely on my morning routine or as I like to call it, a mindful morning. It always consists of a good cup of coffee, journaling, and then a good workout. For some reason, it helps me throughout my day to stay creative and productive. I also take puppy breaks where I just put my work away for five minutes and play with my dogs or whatever dog is in the office that day (because we always have at least one). It takes my mind off the block and lets me focus on something else. Plus, puppies make everything better.

We hope these tips help you get your creativity flowing, and if not, we’re always here to help. Shoot us an email or give us a call. After all, we live to create.