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The Deepest Purpose Of A Business

Michigan Creative
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The deepest purpose of a business is to improve the lives of the people that work there. I heard that on a podcast while I was working out. I got off the machine I was on, it was a good excuse not to exercise, opened up Evernote and typed it in so I could write this blog.

It is what we are trying to do a Michigan Creative. It has been our mission statement, put in different words since I started 6 years ago in the East Lansing Technology Innovation Center.

We talked about that, and said things like employees first, and you can do and be whatever you want at Michigan Creative. Now we have found our mission statement. Our manifesto talks about it, I talk about it, but now here it is plain and simple.

“The mission of Michigan Creative is to improve and enhance the lives of those who work for us.”

I wanted to put something like that all over the website a long time ago but we didn’t think we had the swagger to put that first yet. So we lead with how with will build your marketing machine, and how are the hardest working agency in the state. While that is all still true, we started this company to make people who came into contact with us better than we were.

Happy. Satisfied. Smarter, faster, better. So they would be able to have a job and a career that they loved and could stay at for the rest of their lives.

Now we are still small. Not everyone is full time, we don’t have all the perks and crazy fun culture yet..but…we are getting there.

Flexible hours, working at home, a creative environment, and free in office daycare for two of our women leaders are all in place. When our COO left on maternity leave I committed to give her 3 months off, paid. I was able to honor that, and I didn’t burn the place down while she was gone. This is just the beginning.

I want free food, money for employees to invest in their own startups, Mondays off, great pay, innovation time, family time, and more. I also want a helicopter and a large boat. The CEO gets things last, and I can wait.

This will all take sales, perfect execution for our clients, a proven process, a sales process, innovation, quality, ROI…and more. But it can be done, and we are the ones who can do it.

Keep watching. Big things coming.