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A few Michigan Based Horror Films

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Hello all! My name is Rob Disbro and I am a new intern here at Michigan Creative! In lieu of my first official day as an inter, Friday the 13th and the number of movie posters surrounding me. I felt that an appropriate topic for a post on the blog would be: Michigan Based Horror Film. Which will hopefully provide some ideas on how to spend the cold and stormy nights this winter has provided.

The first film to mention is the hit horror film “Evil Dead.” This classic 1980’s horror film follows five college students to a house deep into the woods of Michigan. This is where they unknowingly summon demons from the dead. Throughout the film the marvelous wooded landscapes of Michigan can be seen, albeit in a much more sinister sense. For those looking for the same thrill in high definition, the film was remade in 2013. Both in which had strong influence by Michigan State Alum, Sam Raimi. In the 1981 version, Raimi was the director, producer and also writer. Whereas he only played the role of producer in the 2013 version. For those who enjoyed the 1980’s edition will also be happy to hear that “Evil Dead 2” does exist and holds the stylings of Raimi.

The second movie on the list comes from an up and coming indie film director David Robert Mitchell. The title of the film is “It Follows” where a girl is followed by a supernatural entity after an encounter with a local boy (go figure). The film released in March of 2015, and became critically acclaimed almost instantaneously. Throughout the film the natives of Detroit may see many familiar landmarks. Such as the Abandoned Packard Auto Plant, Redford Theatre and Northville Psychiatric Hospital. This film has recently been added to Netflix and is definitely worth a watch.

“Don’t Breathe” is a movie that I’m sure most of us have recently seen trailers for. Although it was not entirely shot in Michigan, the plot is based in Detroit and features many shots of the city. This film follows the guidelines of what we expect out of a modern day horror movie. Full of special effects, eery music and moments causing you to jump out of your seat. It’s clear that this film was directed Fede Alvarez, the same man who directed the 2013 version of “Evil Dead.”

To wrap this list up, I’d like to talk about a movie series that was once the halloween costume of every kid’s desire and that is the Scream franchise. Scream 4 was filmed almost entirely in Michigan. With Ann Arbor as the backdrop of many of its scenes. Viewers may also notice shots that take place in nearby Dearborn and Livonia. Released in 2011, Scream 4 did not save this franchise from its declining popularity, but it did do a great job showcasing some of our great state’s cities, and we applaud it for that!

Although horror movies may not be everyone’s cup of tea. We here at Michigan Creative, have a love of film, and our great state of Michigan.  Feel free to comment and let us know what movies you thought could have made the list!