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The Business Machine Podcast

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The Business Machine Podcast

If you wanted to write a book about your life and it’s challenges, would you focus on only your success? Some people, like Brian Town, Owner and CEO of Michigan Creative, believe that a far more insightful narrative can be found elsewhere. What you did right to reach your success is important to document and share, but what you did wrong and how you overcame challenges can provide invaluable insight into how to run your business to the point it can run itself, like a machine. Brian and Michigan Creative took that belief and ran with it, and turned it into a podcast.

Learning From Our Mistakes

The Business Machine is the premier podcast on business leaders learning from their mistakes. Guests have ranged from local Lansing leaders like successful business owners and professionals from around the world, and we interview all of them to tell talk about the journeys of their entrepreneurial careers. They focus not only on what they do and how they do it, but also on how they’ve grown into better leaders for the future. Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s important to learn from those moments outside our comfort zone to correct them and move our businesses to a place where they will run like fine-tuned machines, 24/7.

The Business Machine provides several insights into the daily work of a business owner, with several practical topics including but not limited to:

• If someone walked up to you and asked, “What do you do?”, what would you say?
• When was the moment that you decided entrepreneurship was for you?
• If something happened to you, would your business crash? What do you implement to make your business run like a fine-tuned machine?
• What mistakes have you made over your career that you would tell someone to avoid? What did you learn from that experience and other challenges you may have faced?
• How do you balance your work and your personal life? Are they one in the same and how do you keep both sides of the fence healthy and manageable?


The Business Machine takes a deeper look into how to maintain, not just start, a business. Past guest have included Samantha Riley, leader of the Australian consulting firm The Accelerant Group, to local business owners like Chad Jordan of Cravings Popcorn, to successful entrepreneurs like Amanda Washburn, who started her business as early as 2014, to others like Tom Stewart, who has handled multi-million dollar revenue-producing businesses.


Do you want to get in contact with real, visible business owners? The best way to get in contact with the interviewee is provided at the end of each podcast, as well as tips on how to network with local and nationwide professionals across various fields. Check out our master equipment list to see what professional tools are used to keep The Business running, and check out our master list of books recommended by guests to read to increase your knowledge of business!

The Business Machine is rated 4.5/5 stars on iTunes, where you can download podcasts for free. Fill out the form below to find out how we can help your business work for you, 24/7!

– Kris Johnson