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    How To Write A Great Blog

    Michigan Creative
    How To Write A Great Blog

    Writing a great blog post sounds easy enough, right? You can write about something cool you did, something you want to do, your job, what you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner… But is that really what your audience wants to read? If you’re blogging just for fun and to keep friends and family in the loop, then the answer is probably yes. But, if you’re writing a business blog, the answer is absolutely not.

    When writing for a business blog, you always want to make sure you’re giving your readers something valuable. For example: tips, updates on the community, resources, etc. You want to be a trusted, valuable source that your audience wants to return to again and again. To write a great blog post, start by following these steps:

    1. Plan it out
      You should never just start writing without first doing some research, getting your facts together, etc. Here at Michigan Creative, we start by coming up with our topics; this works best for a lot of people because it gives you something to go off of. Once you have your topic, you can do a simple Google search to get some general inspiration and go from there. If you start writing without a plan, or even a solid topic, you’ll usually end up with a blog that has no direction and is just kind of all over the place.
    2. Choose the right topic
      Going back to choosing a topic: choose something that interests you! You can write a million blogs about website design but, if you really prefer video production, you’re going to get pretty bored and that will definitely show in your writing. So, choose something you’re good at and have a strong interest in, to make all of your posts that much more interesting!
    3. Give your post a purpose
      Like I said before, you want to be a trusted, valuable source that your audience wants to return to again and again when they’re looking for information on a topic. Writing three blogs a week is pointless if they aren’t valuable to your audience; people aren’t going to take time out of their busy days to come back and read future posts if they know they aren’t going to learn anything.

    Blogging is easier than you might think! It all starts with some good planning and a good topic, and the rest is up to you and your writing style!

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    – Alli Myers