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Playful Puppy in the Office

Dev MC

So, the best thing happened today: Brian brought his loving dog over to the office!

That beautiful German Shepherd was the best part of this internship so far! He came up to us and was just panting away, wanting to be pet. Such a beautiful dog with gorgeous eyes. I found myself petting him with one hand and working on my project with the other. (Multi-tasking at its finest! Always do so for animals. 😉 )

This gorgeous dog reminds me of my friend’s kitten, who is extremely playful. He loves walking on keyboards, meowing until someone plays with him, and playing with little ringing balls all day long. There was this one time that my friend’s fiance was working on his coding for a game he was developing, if I remember correctly. He’d been working on it for hours when his little kitten—less than a year old, I believe, at the time—climbed on his keyboard and, before he could do anything about it, hit the right keyboard command to wipe his entire project. At least two hours worth of coding. Gone. I wept for him from the other side of the screen as I read that Facebook post, as I’ve done some Web Design in the past. I can’t imagine going through all that work to have it wiped clean. I’m sure he walked away from the laptop at that point, maybe got a nice pot of coffee and glared at the poor kitty as he played around, none-the-wiser of what he had done. I would have had some ice cream.

Anyway, I’m not sure why he made me think of that playful trouble-maker. Maybe his extremely playful demeanor, or the way he just wanted to put your hand on his head for a nice patting. Either way, that dog brightened my entire day. He’s a big doggy, one that I’m sure is a lap dog if you have some lap-space for him. Big dogs tend to try to be that way. So cute!

Well, now that I’m finished gushing over animals, it’s back to designing for me! A good reminder that we all need some breaks sometimes, and furry (or non-furry) creatures can help be an awesome distraction. My creative juices are flowing again! Now to get back to work.