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An Introduction to Me

Dev MC
Internship Michigan

Four years ago, I was a girl in a small town north of Grand Rapids just trying to get through high school and hang out with a few friends. Last year, I completed The Early College program through Lansing Community College, and have since then been working on completing my Associates for the Graphic Communications degree. This year, I’m almost done with my Associates, and am now starting my internship at Michigan Creative. To put it bluntly, these past few years have been busy, but also incredible and life changing.

When I first walked up the steps to the Health and Human Services building at LCC, I was a shy 16-year-old girl who was very content in letting others talk for me. I didn’t like striking up conversations, and figured that people wouldn’t like me if I talked anyway. Thankfully, this shy girl has changed into a more confident and comfortable woman who tries to speak up whenever she can. I have worked hard on introducing myself when I want to meet someone, asking a question that has been burning in my brain, or nodding in consideration to the critiques I may receive towards my latest designs. I have noticed my flaws, and I work hard to override them, as I know I will need to do more of if I wish to succeed later in life. This is where Michigan Creative comes in.


As I walked up the steps towards Michigan Creative, I was nervous, but hopeful and confident. One of my clients and friends had referred me to this business, and I was hooked after seeing the website. When I walked in and saw the slide leading to the first floor of the building, I was curious, and thought I might like to slide down it one day (not that day, of course; I was in a dress). Meeting with Melissa and Brian, they both seemed extremely kind, funny, and ready to see if I could stand-up to the task. Being the stubborn person that I am, I hope to show them that I can.

The first day two days of my internship were incredible. I met some people that I would love to meet again, and I walked up to a few and introduced myself as well. It may not seem like much, but for me, that’s a huge improvement. I then asked questions when I had no idea what I should do—I’m a newbie, after all—and worked hard on the projects assigned to me. I love designing, and love the challenge of making multiple copies so that my client can choose the perfect one for them. It’s a lot of fun!

Recently, I ran into a professor who had guided me while in The Early College program. After telling him my recent plans for the future, he looked at another former professor of mine and said, “Not the same little girl from Coopersville anymore,” to which the other agreed with a smile. This memory gives me a small smile, because it’s true. I’m not the same girl I was four years ago, or even three ago when I had first started the program. I’ve grown from the shy girl who barely spoke to the one who can usually strike up a conversation with a smile. I’ve grown more confident, and more sure of myself as I enter this new chapter of my life, into Michigan Creative.

I can’t wait to see where this one will take me.

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