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The Backwards Burglar Needs Your Help

Backwards Burglar gears up for the holidays with food, gifts, and holiday joy.

The Backwards Burglar has returned for another holiday season full of – GIVING. That’s right! The Backwards Burglar’s mission is a little, well, backward! His goal is to give to families in need this holiday season – but here’s the thing, he needs your help!

Each year, the Backwards Burglar goes on a mission not to steal but to leave Christmas gifts, decor, food, and much more for a Lansing family or families. Michigan Creative partners with Child and Family Charities, a local Lansing non-profit organization, to raise money for families who are in need. We work with a relative or parent to ensure the Backwards Burglar can safely leave Christmas for the family. We spend all season collecting monetary donations to help the Backwards Burglar raise funds to help support the Christmas endeavor. He is known for leaving food, clothing, and gifts to enjoy the holiday season as anyone else would.

As the holiday season draws nearer, the Backwards Burglar needs your help more than ever. Help a family in need this holiday season by donating to the Backwards Burglar GoFundMe, powered by Michigan Creative. No monetary contribution is too small, and a little goes a long way!

While most families visited by the Backwards Burglar get selected through Child and Family charities, Michigan Creative is always open to hearing from the community about families in need of assistance. If you know a family that could benefit from a visit from the Backwards Burglar this year, please email brian@michigancreative.com.