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Social Media Best Practices

Social Media Apps on an iphone

Your social media channels aren’t just a place to share important updates with your friends, followers, and clients. They’re also your one chance to make a good first digital impression on anyone who comes across your page, intentionally or by accident. That’s why your social media accounts must be in tip-top shape when potential clients come across them. Here are some social media best practices to keep your socials thriving with an appearance that makes you proud. 


As with most social media channels, we generally recommend posting three times a week on Facebook. That way, followers will stay familiar with your content without being overwhelmed or annoyed by your posts. Another practice we recommend for all social media channels is interacting with others in your niche. On Facebook, this typically includes following pages, liking posts, commenting on posts, and sharing posts with a small text blurb that adds value to the post. When growing your posts, Facebook is one social media site where it is appropriate to use hashtags in moderation. We recommend one to three to prevent your caption from becoming cluttered.


Just like with Facebook, we recommend posting three times a week on Instagram. However, with Instagram, it’s extra important that with quantity comes quality. Since Instagram is a visual-centric app, it’s good practice to compile a bank of high-quality images that you can post over weeks and months. When it comes to hashtags, Instagram allows up to 30. We still only recommend using three to five, but if you want to use all 30, put them in the comments to keep them out of view. You can also grow your account by following other accounts in your niche with similar-sized followings and interacting with their posts. Don’t forget to follow back everyone who follows you!


TikTok is newer to the social media marketing scene but is arguably one of the best platforms for social growth and opportunity. Here, there is no limit to how many times a week you should post. In fact, the more often you post, the more likely your video is to be algorithmically favored and shown to wider audiences. Post videos with lower quality and use trending sounds – both make your video more relatable to your audience and increase your chances of going viral. Since TikTok shows your videos to people who don’t follow you, simply posting is the best way to grow. You can also follow others in your niche with similar followings and use hashtags for extra growth.


We’ll say it one more time for good measure: we recommend posting three times a week. That said, there is one rule on LinkedIn that differs from all other platforms – no hashtags. These will make your posts look cluttered and unprofessional. With LinkedIn, the most beneficial thing you can do for your page is to ensure you are posting regularly with high-quality images and captions. LinkedIn is the most professional platform of the four we’ve covered, and your content should reflect your professionalism, precision, and value. Assure your content is top-notch by using quality photos and carefully editing your copy. Interacting with others on LinkedIn is similar to Facebook. Like pages from other businesses in your niche, comment on and react to their posts and share your favorite posts with a thought-provoking message.

As you can see, there are many platform-specific rules to remember for social media best practices, and it may feel like a lot to take in at first. But with time, you will get into a steady groove with each social media channel, and the results will show in your content and growth. Need some help getting started? Call us today, and our social media experts will help you plan what, where, and when to post!

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