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Taylor Swift, I hate to love you

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Unfortunately it has happened again: Taylor Swift has released a new album.

I remember hearing Taylor’s first country album in 8th grade and listening to it for days on repeat.

“Guys, she just gets me”.

“Guys, I think she wrote Tim McGraw about me because I have blue eyes”.

I couldn’t relate to a single other thing on that album because I was 13, had never had a boyfriend, and had never gone through the terrible heartbreak that she sang of. She was a curly-haired, cute, country singer and her tunes were catchy, even for country music. So while I wasn’t listening to Avril Lavinge and Soulja Boy, I was jamming out to TSwift on the lawn at Lake Lansing.

My love for Taylor only grew when she released the Fearless album my sophomore year of high school. I had just gone through, like, a horribly awful breakup, and really needed a friend to be there for me during this time. Taylor came along and gave me a soundtrack to my life for three months. Because I was fifteen, and when someone told me they loved me, I BELIEVED THEM.

2010 was a big year for Taylor and I. Not only was I at Target for the midnight release of her album, I also went to her concert, with my best friend coincidentally named Taylor. Looking back on the album, I don’t even really like it. The best song on the album is Taylor telling someone how mean they are. K. Her concert was cool and fun and heaven for 11 year olds, but I was 17…. and probably should’ve just stayed home.


After Speak Now came out, something happened with Taylor. She thought she was now “cool”. She didn’t have to make country music anymore, she could dance ridiculously at award shows, and she could date literally EVERYBODY. Taylor did whatever she wanted. Everyone began to hate her. The media, the public, even me. She was a weirdo now, and I did not want to be a fan of hers. Just as I thought Taylor and I were over, she slapped me in the face with Red.


Arguably the second best album of Taylor’s career came out in 2012 and unfortunately, I have loved it since day one. I knew you were trouble, 22, and we are never getting back together are still played on the radio, as they should be. These songs are JAMS. Many will agree that the anthem of their entire 22nd year is the song 22, because, well, Taylor just GETS 22 year olds (she was one at the time she wrote this song okay she really understands what they’re going through). **I cannot wait to turn 22**. My hatred for Taylor faded each time I listened to her because damn it, THIS MUSIC WAS CATCHY.


And here I am again, two years later, finding myself in the claws of a new TSwift album: 1989. Claiming that this is her most “pop” album yet, I thought I would hate it. I want to hate it. But you guys, I love it. This album is fantastic. I have probably listened to Shake It Off 400 times since it came out. Blank Space has been on repeat since October 27th, closely followed by Out of The Woods. I can’t get enough. Damn her. If you haven’t watched the SNL Skit in regards to this album, please do. (Link here: http://www.buzzfeed.com/alisonvingiano/haters-gonna-hate-hate-hate-hate-hate-hate).

I guess I’m doomed for life. I can’t get enough of this obnoxious and awkward 23 year olds music. And guys, I went through a recent breakup, so of course she released this 1989 album for me. Thanks Tay, love you girl.