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    Musical Magic in Movies

    Michigan Creative

    Some of my favorite parts of my favorite movies are those scenes that have such great music to go along with them, that those scenes are actually what we picture when we hear those songs from then on.

    If you think about it, movies (at least most of them) would be pretty strange without music. Picture two characters professing their love for each other… in complete silence… That would be really awkward to watch, am I right? Or someone having the best day of their entire life… with no music in the background letting you know that you are supposed to be feeling equally as happy as that character, right at that exact moment.

    Soundtracks play a key role in movies – Seriously, I’m a big believer in the fact that your audio is just as important as your video. How good is any video if the audio sucks? Probably only about as good as the bad audio taking attention away from the video itself.

    I just want to share a few of my favorite scenes from some great movies, all of which are wonderfully complimented by their awesome soundtracks!

    1. “You Make My Dreams” in 500 Days of Summer
    This is a perfect example of what would be a really awkward/creepy guy walking around the city that you would probably think was a little crazy if you saw him walking around trying to randomly shake your hand… If it wasn’t for the song and dance number going on!

    2. “Jump (For My Love)” in Love Actually
    Without the song playing in the background, this scene would just be Hugh Grant shakin’ it around his house. Your reaction would probably be pretty similar to that of the woman at the end of the scene if you walked in on him dancing like that with no music…

    3. “Hold On” in Bridesmaids
    At around 1:00, the music really becomes key in this scene. Without it, Lillian and Annie would be lip syncing to nothing!

    Seriously, mute your sound for a little bit of each of these and you’ll really see why the music makes the scenes!

    ~ Alli

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