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Super Bowl XLIX Commercials Have Started!

Michigan Creative
Pac man

We’re still a few days away from Super Bowl XLIX, but a lot of companies have already started releasing teasers of their 2015 Super Bowl ads, and some of them have even released the full spots!

Super Bowl commercials are the most anticipated commercials of the year. These ads are the ones that you will remember for the entire year to come; they become national images of those companies (that is, if they’re good). Like these, the “Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials of All Time”:

Some of these commercials are obviously a lot different from the ones we see today, but isn’t the idea of a “Super Bowl” commercial still pretty much the same? They’re special – different from any other ads we see throughout the rest of the year – you can tell that the companies that created them really went all out, and it shows.

Here are just a few of the teasers and commercials released so far for Super Bowl XLIX:

This one, for T-Mobile, features Kim Kardashian talking about the horrors of losing your leftover data at the end of each month… Without it, you won’t be able to see all of her selfies! Oh no! This particular commercial is great because not only is it funny, but it’s also true – and Kim isn’t afraid to mock herself (which is also great).


Old Spice always has some interesting spots (i.e. “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”). This one is definitely interesting… Mostly because of how strange (and inappropriate?) it is.


We all know that you’re not yourself when you’re hungry! This teaser for this year’s Snickers commercial shows that without a doubt. Marsha sure needs a Snickers…


Bud Light did not disappoint with this one! Would you be #UpForWhatever if someone handed you a free Bud Light? I bet we’d all be down to play some real-life PacMan…


Last, but certainly not least, we already know that the Budweiser commercial is going to be great. They always are!


Enjoy these commercials and many more on Sunday! Oh, and maybe some football, too…

~ Alli

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