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Michigan Creative WEDDINGS!

Michigan Creative
Michigan Creative Weddings

Michigan Creative… Web, video, print, branding, and now, weddings! Michigan Creative Video is joining forces with Shutter Speed Productions and Rachel DeRose Photography to bring you Michigan Creative Weddings.

Michigan Creative Weddings, like all of the ideas we come up with here at Michigan Creative, started off as just that: an idea. We talked about it, said it could work… and then we decided to go for it.

Between Michigan Creative’s 20 years’ experience in video production and the wedding videography and photography experience of the incredibly talented ladies, Jamie Ball and Rachel DeRose, behind Shutter Speed Productions and Rachel DeRose Photography, respectively, we knew that Michigan Creative Weddings had the potential to beautifully capture all of the memories of a wedding day.

The thing that makes Michigan Creative Weddings different from a lot of other wedding videographers and photographers is that we’re taking a more cinematic approach. We’re not just going to set up one camera to record the entire ceremony from beginning to end. Yes, we will have that one camera to capture the whole ceremony for you to hold onto forever, but we will also get the more creative, up-close, beautiful, emotional shots. We’ll capture all of the events leading up to the ceremony and the reception afterwards. Finally, we’ll combine all of these elements into one “highlight” video of your big day, for you to watch over and over again with your friends and family.

Check it out!

~ Alli

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