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Social Media: How weird is too weird?


Many people ask me how they should voice their company on social media. How funny can I be? Am I allowed to joke? Will people get my humor?

Of course this should be determined on a company by company basis, but I think it should be similar to how you would talk to customers in your store or in an email and to do what is comfortable for you and your company. It should also reflect your marketing campaigns; if you have a loose feel to your marketing campaign, you should generally have a loose feel to your responses/posts on social media.

Although many big brands tend to take the serious side to their social media, Velveeta cheese is taking an extreme and odd approach to their social media. Their current marketing commercials “Eat like that guy you know” are funny, creative, and eye catching. Here is an example of their most recent ones:


Personally I think it’s hilarious. When posted on their Facebook page, comments about the commercials were mostly positive (minus the “you make fake food and I’m not going to eat it” comments) and people responded pretty well. Many may call this approach weird, but I don’t think we are there yet.

Their most recent marketing attempt includes pictures of a man who looks as perfect as plastic and he has taken the brand one step further towards weird.


Comments on this post range from hilarious photos of confused looking people to hurtful comments about the man in the photo. Velveeta took to responding to negative comments with the following photo and comment:


Things continued to get even more weird when multiple personal strikes were said against the man, poking at his sexuality, asking if he was even real, saying he was too fake, etc. They responded with the following post:


Okay, this one is even a little weird for me, but still funny.  Comments varied again from praises for Velveeta all the way to “I’m never buying this product again” comments.

Again, personally, I think it’s hilarious. The brand is seeing lots of praise for its new approach, some people even calling for their social media manager to get a raise!

But how far is too far? Will this campaign work? Will this increase sales?

Honestly, it’s too early to tell if this will have a positive impact on their sales. But it’s very clear to say Velveeta is comfortable in their own skin and not afraid to push the limits.

I would like to give them a huge amount of credit for pushing the bounds and responding in quick and creative ways! Does everyone feel this way? I’m sure not, but only time will tell.

What are your thoughts? Do you find their campaign funny and creative or weird and too awkward?

Let me know your thoughts!