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Daily Motivation

Michigan Creative

I am constantly seeking daily motivation to inspire me and lift my spirits. I like to find videos that have a way of changing perspective, that find positivity through negative circumstances.

So today as I am searching for my daily motivation I happened to stumble upon this video.


It’s a story of a young boy who was able to overcome a bullying problem in school. He takes the problem and expresses the situation through rap lyrics.

How incredible that such a young boy can overcome such a circumstance and turn it into a positive outlet. I am happy to come across this video to provide me with a reminder that I’ve needed. Everything happens for a reason. Although we may not understand why bad things happen to us at the time, it is those bad times in our lives that shape  us into the person we are.

Hopefully this video has inspired you as it has inspired me.

Daily Motivational Goal: Find a way to take the negative in your life and make something positive out of it.

Keep seeking for that daily motivation, and let it change your perspective.