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SnapChat for Sports Marketing

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Over the past couple of years Snapchat used to be thought of as a place to share pictures for a controlled period of time.  However, as of recent, brands have started using Snapchat and has since turned Snapchat into a sports marketing machine.  Let’s take a look at how the sports industry has used the photo sharing app to help shape and grow its various facets.

It’s no secret that our attention spans are becoming shorter.  Snapchat directly feeds off this and has benefited from doing so.

With 60% of smartphone users, ages 13-34 using Snapchat, this helps brands target this very important demographic

The greatest way for sport teams to benefit from Snapchat as a marketing tool is via use of the “story” function.  You are able to post pictures and videos of your team’s practice, score updates, as well as the play-by-play of a game.  Snapchat also allows you to provide a backstage pass to fans which helps humanize the team and make the content feel lucrative.

Snapchat breaks down the barrier between the team and the fan with their “unprofessional” and “unfiltered” platform. 

Perhaps the greatest benefit from teams using Snapchat is the snapchat, sportsmarketinghumanization of the brands.  Simply by hosting a “players’ takeover” of an account helps to differentiate your brand from any other since most people see Snapchat as a personal messaging app.  Plus, snaps place less pressure to create the perfect post.

Fan involvement is another driving benefit behind Snapchat and sports marketing.

Fans can snap to your team as well as during games to showcase their pride as well as acting as brand ambassadors for your team.  Fans can snap or record, share with a few select friends, or post content to their stories sharing their personalized experience with your team.  Through fans use of Snapchat during a game, you meet them where they are.

Fan to fan interaction is another benefit.  They may post snaps of themselves preparing to attend a game as well as talking about your brand.  Snapchat showcases a fan’s passion unlike other social media apps; because if sports tend to be one thing, it’s an emotional roller coaster.

Why to add Snapchat to your social media marketing arsenal

We all know that every social media platform is different as well as how to properly utilize and reap the benefits from them.  However, unlike other social media platforms, Snapchat helps you understand your fan base and makes them something more than just a ticket.