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Brian Town is Featured on Michigan Business Rap

Michigan Creative
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About Michigan Business Rap

Michigan Business Rap is a radio program which produces content that inspires ideas and helps move the business community forward. They bring Michigan business leaders together and have in-depth discussions that will educate and interest audiences.

Brian the CEO of Michigan Creative was a part of a discussion that was about developing a brand identity style guide. Along with Brian, Deb Muchmore who is a partner of Kandler Reed Khoury and Muchmore joins in on the conversation. They were both on the Michigan Business Rap on May 4, 2017.

Developing a Brand Identity Style Guide

A brand identity guide establishes a base for everything you want your clients and staff to know about your business. Knowing where to start might be overwhelming but that is why Brian and Deb were a part of the show. They have experience with working in branding and public relations together and can teach others how to do it.

One key to a brand identity style guide is determining the purpose of your business or what the brand believes in. The brand identity guide should be around three to four pages and should include a list of other brand attributes. These attributes include the logo, tagline, fonts and Pantone colors

Another side of a brand identity style guide is listing the company’s vision, mission and values. This would include what the company’s goals are, how the company would like to be viewed and what problem it is working to solve. Strategic planning and consistent branding go along with these aspects of a brand identity style guide.

During the discussion Brian said, “Brand ambassadors start with you, then your employees and then your customers.” Good brands build through the use of public relations, advertising, marketing and day to day interactions.

Customers experience and interact with your company through sponsorships, community involvement and volunteerism which helps build a trustworthy brand.

Deb mentions that customers are emotionally attached to a product or service and brands becomes emotional. An example of a brand is MSU and its brand which has made such a big impact on numerous people. MSU is currently facing a crisis but the brand relations that people have with it will keep it strong.

If you would like to listen to the full show about brand identity style guides, click here.

Where to Find Michigan Business Rap

You can listen to more of their shows and live broadcasts on mibizrap.com. There are a total of 149 episodes and they are definitely worth checking out. We recommend checking out the show with Melissa Meschke which is all about building an iconic brand.

You can also tune in Monday through Friday from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. on 92.1 FM in Lansing, Michigan. They are also on social media so check them out on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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